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Building a better payment system, Decentralized.

Projects of all sizes use Embr's DeFi payment infrastructure to power their crypto-enabled products, creating a more open and accessible financial system for all.

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No sorcery involved,
just Embr

Harnessing the Mattr One protocol: Embr empowers developers and their apps to accept any crypto as payment, settling in their choice of digital assets.

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Enable rapid, seamless transactions between different blockchains in your App/dApps with Embr's cutting-edge payment platform. Embr fosters smooth interoperability and an unmatched user experience.
By harnessing the Mattr One Protocol, we empower developers to create innovative payment solutions that break down blockchain barriers and redefine the decentralized finance landscape.
Effortlessly build innovative dapps using Embr's user-friendly payment API, specifically crafted to streamline the development process and empower developers to create groundbreaking crypto-enabled applications.
Hacken Proofed
Mattr One partners with Hacken, a top blockchain cybersecurity firm, for optimal security. Our platform undergoes rigorous audits, letting developers build on our robust, interoperable infrastructure with confidence in its safety.

Built for the Web3 era

Navigate this crypto-enabled era confidently with our DeFi-powered payment APIs, engineered to scale with you from day one to millions of transactions.

Embracing blockchain freedom without limitations
Empowering the future of finance, together
Trust by design
Building confidence from the ground up
Immutably Human
Global 24/7 support by real humans.

Click. Pay. Done.

People don’t care how [centralized finance] or DeFi works — nor do they need to.
They just want it to work.

1-Click Buy
On-ramp to any digital asset in one step
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Never miss a market move with timely alerts in your channels
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Get your own hosted shareable Checkout page
Higher Conversion
Why send people to a DEX when they can buy right from your site?

One API that bridges the gap

Empower your dApp with Embr, allowing any-token payments from all these major EVM chains for a Visa-like user experience.

Smart Swaps
Provide Liquidity
Empowered by Mattr One

Embr is powered by the Mattr One Protocol. Our proprietary, DeFi real-time payment rail, governed by a global community.

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We’re building the payment rails that will be used to power the crypto-enabled era.