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Developers globally trust Embr's USDC-enabled Payment Solution, crafting a seamless Web3 payment experience free from chain restrictions, gas fees, and wallet complexities.


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Why Embr

A DeFi-first Payment Rail

Embr's USDC-enabled Payment Solution, powered by Mattr One — our proprietary trust-minimized, real-time programatic smart swap protocol — is designed to enable seamless, instant interoperable Web3 Payments in any crypto-enabled product.

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Elevate your UX with blazing-fast transactional efficiency. What used to take minutes or hours now takes mere seconds.


Empower your dApps or products with real-time interoperability across all major EVM chains without ever needing to use bridges.


Build with the Embr API for free, effortlessly streamlining your existing business model or build entirely new ones — the possibilities are limitless.

Hacken Proofed

Mattr One, our proprietary protocol, undergoes routine audits letting developers build on a robust, interoperable infrastructure with confidence.

Embr's SmartSwap solution

All of DeFi.

Embr provides on-chain liquidity, instant settlements and on-demand access to thousands of DeFi crypto assets across all major EVM chains.

Same day listing

Add any EVM token cost-free directly from your dashboard.

Real-time Settlement

Buyers no longer wait minutes to receive their asset.


We do the heavy lifting. Each asset goes through our clearing protocol.

Limitless Market

Why limit your SAM to what your liquidity provider supports?

Scale with confidence

Build for the Web3 era

Navigate the crypto-enabled landscape confidently with Embr's suite of USDC-enabled payments products and APIs, engineered to scale with you from day one to millions of transactions.

Embracing blockchain freedon without limitations
Chain - Agnostic
Empowering the future of finance, together
Decentralized Tech
Building confidence from the ground
Trust by design
Deploy with
Immutably Human
Embracing blockchain freedom without limitations
Empowering the future of finance, together
Trust by design
Building confidence from the ground up
Immutably Human
Global 24/7 support by real humans.
Real-time interoperability

One API that bridges
the gap

Empower your dApp with Embr, allowing any-token payments from all the major EVM chains for a Visa-like user experience.

Smart Swaps

Say hello to Peachee!

Trade crypto better with Peachee, DeFi's new token discovery and trading hub built with love by the Embr team.

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Provide Liquidity

Together, we can harness the power of DeFi to forge a more open and accessible financial system for all.

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Embr Checkout

Click. Pay. Done

Streamline your token-sales process with Checkout — a dev-friendly set of tools designed for project leaders to simplify the burdensome process of buying tokens without redirecting people off your website.

Fiat Payments
Reach global users on their preferred local payment networks
All of your tokens dedicated in one checkout flow
Any Swap
Swap any token for any on the
same chain in one step
Hacken Proofed
Best-in-class audits making sure your users trade with confidence
Shareable Links
Hosted payment page that adapts to your users location and device
Best-in-class UX
The easiest way for your token holders to engage in your project
Easy integration
Optimized for everyone to start selling your project in 5 minutes
No setup costs
Access a complete payments platform for free

A complete
Information Hub.

Do you have more questions regarding our products or anything else? You can find more info in our knowledge center where everything you need to know about Embr is in one place.

Knowledge Center ▸
What does Embr Labs do?

We build and maintain proprietary blockchain-based payments technology that aims to bridge the gap between Web 2 and Web 3.

What makes Embr Labs' payment platform better than others'?

The Mattr One Protocol, powering the Embr API, grants interoperability, real-time speeds, and security that blockchain-based technologies do not traditionally offer.

Does Embr Labs offer tools for traders and DeFi project leaders?

Yes! You can trade from a growing catalogue of thousands of tokens through our unified DeFi hub, Peachee. Additionally, if you're a project leader, Embr Checkout enables you to sell your token from your website with ease.

How secure is Embr Labs' payments platform?

As proud partners of Hacken, we rigorously test and audit our technology to keep ahead of bad actors. Additionally, we do not use bridges, eliminating the common attack vector from our system entirely.

Where can I receive support if I have issues?

We have a fully loaded Knowledge Center and live chat support available 24/7. Whether you need help with API integration or simply need information about our offerings, we've got you covered.

Powered by
Mattr One

Governed by a global community, Mattr One represents a paradigm shift for Web3 payments.

It's time for a better
payment system.

Together, we can harness the power of decentralized finance to forge a more open and accessible financial system for all.
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