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Web2 feel.

From first-timers to veterans, Embr Checkout is designed to welcome the world to Web3. Buyers can get started with just a credit card and email.

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With Checkout, you have a team of Embr engineers and designers working to ensure that checking out is a breeze. You’re welcome.

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100+ projects

Projects of all sizes use Embr Checkout to make buying their tokens a breeze.

Future-proofing trust.

"Today’s investors are fearful. But, when they see Embr Checkout. They see all the traditional cues from sites they already trust. It’s the Web2 feel we don’t need to replace, leading to the boundless opportunity of Web3."

Optimized for everyone

People don’t care how [centralized finance] or DeFi works — nor do they need to.
They just want it to work.

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Checkout is a no-brainer!
It truly made my experience extremely simple as a newbie to the crypto scene.
Trustpilot Review
Complicated Made Simple
Embr have done a brilliant job in making the whole process super simple and I was able to purchase in just 30 secs.
Rory Thompson
Trustpilot Review
Very smooth Buying
This project makes buying and interacting with crypto so very very easy.
Evan L. Dyer
Trustpilot Review
No more wasting time
No more 5 extra steps to buy, they make everything simple not just for Embr but the whole crypto community.
Kevin Castro
Trustpilot Review

Modular by nature

Checkout can be used as a full-page Web3 payment flow, or only for specific use cases by combining it with our embeddable widget or pop-up modal.

Checkout Launcher
An hovering payment modal that’s always ready.
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Fast integration
Get up and running in as little as 5 minutes.
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Enhanced security

Checkout monitors threats every 10 seconds, providing relentless protection for your Web3 world.

Top-level compliance

On-chain AML analysis, KYC and fraud monitoring help you avoid the costly pitfalls of compliance burdens. Checkout offers new layers of protection that buyers almost never see in typical token-based projects.

All your tokens,
One Checkout

Embr Checkout supports all the major EVM compatible chains giving your users a unified buying experience.

No setup fees.
No monthly fees.
No hidden fees.

Access a complete payments platform for free.

Checkout is free for token projects–buyers are responsible for their transaction fees.

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5 minutes

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Embr is powered by the Mattr One Protocol. Our proprietary, DeFi real-time payment rail, governed by a global community.

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