Embr June Recap

Hello Embr family, and welcome to the June edition of the Embr monthly recaps! June was a month of heavy development and coordination in anticipation of the Embr API rollout.

Admittedly, this will be a leaner recap than previous, but we included a note about background development to help give a glimpse of what to expect in the coming months. With that, strap in and enjoy the ride!


  • Website Refresh
  • Partnership with Unlimit Crypto
  • Backend Focus and the Embr API

New Website!

We’re delighted to announce the official renovation of our website,, to function as a comprehensive and modern landing page! The completion of this task marks a significant milestone for us as a team, considering the fact that previously, our presence was somewhat fragmented, scattered across various pages with some of those being painfully outdated.

The enhancement and transformation of the Embr Labs website signified a consolidation of our dispersed presence into a centralized, user-friendly platform. With its updated layout the website provides a much more streamlined and accessible user experience.

Unlimit Crypto Partnership

We’re thrilled to share the news of Embr Labs’ partnership with Unlimit Crypto, our respected partners who supply the on-ramp that we use for our product line-up.

In June, we finally got to unveil the news of Embr Labs’ partnership with Unlimit Crypto, our respected partners who supply the on-ramp stack that powers Peachee and Checkout.

This partnership is not solely focused around the immediate inclusion of Unlimit’s on-ramp into our offerings. We’re also eagerly anticipating the future prospects of our ongoing cooperation as we see a good fit between our visions. Our joint efforts are geared towards simplifying access to DeFi and thus, merging the boundaries between Web3 and Web2 in a fully compliant manner.

It’s an exciting time for Embr, and we are confident that this collaboration will yield innovative solutions that will propel the digital asset space further.

A Note About the Embr API and Background Development

The majority of the advancements at Embr occured in the background as we prepare for the Embr API and strategize its gradual rollout. In case you haven’t looked at our whitepaper already, Embr has taken on the big task of establishing seamless connectivity between these individual cryptocurrencies, thereby fostering a scalable payment system that thrives on real-time speeds and next-generation interoperability. As we enter into July and August, we can confidently say that the pace of our backend operations has only gathered momentum, bringing us closer to making this future a reality.

At the heart of Embr Labs’ future is the Embr Payments API, committed to overcoming the longstanding challenges of decentralized finance that hold it back from being a practical, real-time payments technology. In synergy with several prominent entities in the crypto world, we are working relentlessly towards building an API that will power new infrastructures and technology.

However, creating this extensive, all-encompassing platform isn’t an overnight venture. It is a long-term endeavor, one that requires months and even years of focused effort, rigorous testing, and persistent improvement. Our vision of the future is grand and comprehensive, and our commitment to achieving it hasn’t changed since we started back in 2021.

The on-ramping process, converting fiat currency to any form of crypto, is one of the first milestones in the roadmap to our Embr Payments API. This vital step not only creates an avenue for a hassle-free exchange of value but also paves the way for a revenue stream to support future developments and team expansion.

The realization of our API not only propels our project into a higher league but also helps to establish the credibility of the Embr token. Our hope and our intention is that this will bolster our standing in the crypto sphere and earn us the faith and support of the growing crypto community.

Our vision is not confined to just building an API; it extends to establishing a future where cryptocurrencies are as commonplace as fiat currencies, where Embr stands for effortless, secure, and uncomplicated financial transactions, and where we collectively push the boundaries of finance.

As we navigate through the summer months, rest assured, Embr is passionately moving forward. Our vision and continued work behind the scenes is still progressing at a steady pace, and we are thrilled about the future we are all crafting together.

And finally, in the near future we’ll give an in-depth look into what we’ve been working on and where it will lead us into the coming years. More information on this will be shared soon!

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