Embr Labs Unveils 🍑

  • Embr Labs launches Peachee, a refreshing take on DeFi designed to simplify token discovery and trading, targeting both newcomers and enthusiast alike.
  • offers convenient fiat-to-native-coin on-ramping and a white-label embeddable version for DeFi token project leaders, enabling seamless integration and enhanced community engagement.
  • The upcoming integration of Mattr One Protocol will provide industry-leading interoperability, positioning Peachee to target the growing cross-chain market and compete with solutions like Stargate, Synapse, Celer’s cBridge, Multichain, Hop or even Portal by Wormhole.

Embr Labs, a leading technology company known for developing and supporting the Mattr One Protocol, announced today the release of, a groundbreaking token discovery and trading hub that simplifies the process of buying and swapping native coins and DeFi tokens. By minimizing barriers to entry in the crypto space, aims to democratize access to decentralized finance and provide a seamless, user-friendly experience that brings together decentralized exchanges, fiat on-ramps, and an intuitive user interface.

Simplifying Decentralized Finance for All

At its core, serves as a unified swap hub, leveraging industry-leading routing technology to aggregate dozens of swaps in one place, offering users a comprehensive solution for their crypto trading needs. Users can effortlessly search for tokens by name or smart contract address, and swap with just a few clicks, making the platform uniquely accessible to both newcomers and experienced traders.

The platform is designed to prioritize user experience, significantly minimizing the learning curve often linked with crypto trading in decentralized finance (DeFi). This design approach enables project leaders to concentrate on innovation, while at the same time allowing users to devote their attention to managing their portfolios rather than grappling with the complexities of safely navigating the DeFi space.

Peachee’s streamlined UI

Empowering DeFi Token Project Leaders with Customized Solutions

Peachee offers a convenient fiat-to-native-coin on-ramp, eliminating the need for users to search for native coins elsewhere. This streamlined onboarding process is tailored to accommodate varying KYC requirements based on regional regulations, allowing users to access the platform with ease while ensuring compliance.

In addition to the branded version of Peachee, Embr Labs is also releasing a white-label-ready, embeddable version for DeFi token project leaders to integrate on their websites. This white-label Peachee swap hub allows projects to offer a quick and easy solution to their communities while maintaining their own unique brands.

By enabling businesses to leverage Embr Labs’ technology to enhance their own projects, they can benefit from the simplified user experience and boost community engagement.

Unlocking the Future of DeFi with Mattr One

The upcoming integration of Embr Labs’ trust-minimized, real-time value-exchange rail, the Mattr One Protocol, will further strengthen Peachee’s capabilities, taking the platform to new heights in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Mattr One is designed to provide seamless interoperability between various blockchains, enabling one-step onboarding and any-to-any swaps in real time. This eliminates the need for complex bridging processes altogether and eliminates the friction often experienced when bridging assets across different networks.

Mattr One’s innovation to solving the interoperability challenge leverages a unique payment rail-approach rather than depending on bridges or cross-chain protocols. This allows Peachee to provide users with a smooth and efficient trading experience, regardless of the blockchain they are operating on. The integration of Mattr One will also enable Peachee to support a broader range of digital assets and expand its offering to cater to a wider audience.

Redefining Cross-Chain Market Interaction with Unmatched Convenience

Embr Labs’ embarks on an ambitious mission to transform the way users navigate the increasingly complex cross-chain terrain. The future integration of the Mattr One Protocol will be a game-changer, effectively consolidating the functionalities of DEXs, CEXs, crosschain protocols, bridges, multichain tools, aggregators, and platforms like into one centralized-like, yet decentralized experience.

Peachee aims to go beyond merely competing with existing solutions like Stargate, Synapse, and DeBridge; it envisions becoming the go-to platform for any same and cross-chain transaction. Empowered by Mattr One’s instant interoperability features, Peachee will deliver a unique and seamless user experience, replacing the need for multiple platforms and tools with one powerful, all-encompassing hub.

As tokenization, combined with global peer-to-peer markets — such as remittance which is estimated to hit $800 billion in volume this year alone — gain increasing adoption, the demand for cross-chain transactions continues to grow tremendously, with buzzwords like “the multichain world” becoming the talk of the town. Even as we navigate in a bear market, value-exchange between blockchains has been hovering around $10B USD in volume per month, with LayerZero’s Stargate consistently owning the lion’s share (20–25%).

These trends, amongst many, underscore the rising demand for a highly scalable payments platform capable of efficiently facilitating value-exchange across multiple chains in real-time. With, Embr Labs is strategically positioning itself to not just meet this demand, but to redefine the standards of cross-chain market interaction.

“We’re thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with Jason and the Embr Labs team on It’s partnerships like these, centered on challenging the status quo, that make us passionate to do what we do. Together, we’re blurring the line between web2 payment networks and abstracting the blockchain — one layer at a time.”

Jack Jia, Head of Unlimit Crypto

After nearly 2 years of working on the Embr payments platform and enabling others to build great DeFi products, our team devised tons of new ideas for how we could make it easier for more people to access exciting new markets. By combining a user-friendly interface, seamless fiat on-ramping, and powerful underlying technology, Peachee promises to deliver a game-changing solution that makes accessing and trading crypto more accessible to the masses, driving the future of decentralized finance forward.

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